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Maggie and Collyn met through mutual friends during high school. Maggie’s junior year and Collyn’s senior year is when their story began. Maggie had math class right after Collyn had it and they sat in the same seat. Collyn would pretend like he didn’t know the class period was over, just so he could have an excuse to talk to Maggie. Maggie must have fallen for that little trick, as she then got his number from a friend and texted him, acting like she didn’t know whose number it was or how she got it (classic). They started spending every second of passing period together and finally, Collyn asked Maggie on a date to Buffalo Wild Wings. Their relationship became official on January 7, 2012. Once they were both in college, things got a bit more difficult. Maggie was extremely busy with softball—gone nearly every weekend and occasionally for even longer periods of time. After surviving that time of their life, they knew they would be together forever. After their engagement on NYE, they moved to Colorado where they enjoy adventuring outdoors with their golden retriever, Calvin.




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