Doc + Cheyenne – Kremmling Proposal Photographer – Colorado Winter Engagement Proposal

Me and Cheyenne have been Best friends since we were one years old, We have dreamed of the day we would find true love. Doc and Cheyenne have also known each other for a very long time, There families are all best friends. Fate brought them back together 4 years ago. So when Doc told me he wanted to ask her to marry him, I cried haha. To be able to be there and capture a moment they both will never forget was the best feeling. We planned to go to kremmling to hike and shed hunt, But we were really there so doc could pop the questions. We hiked a few miles and made it to the top of the mountain side and he got done and asked my best friend to marry him. It was so perfect, The clouds rolled over the mountains it it started to slightly snow a little. This June I get to stay by her side as she says I do to the man on her dreams.

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