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When you think of love where do you find yourself? Staring into the eyes of a stranger? Or hugging someone you’ve known for a lifetime? No matter the story, love is everywhere and that even means it’s found in a random house on a random day that doesn’t feel so random anymore. Two lost souls ambivalent about a New Year’s Eve “house party”. Almost as if we were being drawn to each other, we talked all night and found ourselves enamored and didn’t want to separate. In fact, we didn’t for the next 6 years. On our 6th anniversary I thought about one of our favorite hiking spots, Lookout Mountain. Overlooking the city, I told her how much I love her and how she is everything to me. That’s where I asked her to marry me. As I proposed, a thick fog rolled in over us and set a glowing city setting that we’ll never forget.





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