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Anthony and Shawna had a beautiful wedding at the evergreen lake house, In evergreen Colorado. Here is their beautiful love story and wedding.

We had a mutual friend who thought we’d be perfect for each other. She tried to get us to meet on many occasions but both were reluctant.

Finally, I said I’d go to the local bar they went to and meet this Anthony guy. On the way there, my car decided to break down as I was pretty much pulling into the parking lot. It was pouring rain and needless to say, I called my dad and he came to get me and got my car towed. No meeting that night!

A couple weeks later, we thought we’d try this again. Our friend and I went on our way to meet up with him and his friends. We walk in and I immediately see Anthony and give him a smirk. We were introduced and casually acted like we weren’t too interested. He proceeded to let EVERY single man hit on me the whole night and would come check in every so often. By the end of the night, as we were getting ready to head out, Anthony asks if I wanted to chat. We sat in his Jeep for an hour after the bar closed and called it a night.

Well, something connected us right away and we didn’t stop seeing each other after that. We both knew this is where we should be and it was exciting!
6 years, 3 dogs, 2 homes, and a whole lot of craziness later, we love each other more everyday. We both say we could’ve gotten married the first month we knew each other but for lots of reasons wanted to wait. We love the married life!

Photographer- Taylor Davenport Photography
Videographer- Bri Poehler
Floral- Fairytale Floral
Catering- Famous Dave’s
DJ- DJ Connection
Donuts- Yummy’s Donuts
Dress- The Bridal Collection
Hair/makeup- Katie Vellman Bridal

3 things we wish we would’ve done:
-Booked the venue longer! Went way too fast!
-Invited all the people we wanted in the first place, we thought we’d have too many people for the venue with our family’s lists but turns out so many extended family member couldn’t come, we could have included everyone WE wanted.
-Honestly, I can’t think of a third! We had everything we wanted. If I’m really reaching, I’d say I wish the elk came down for pictures since we were in Evergreen!

3 Things shouldn’t have stressed about:
-The seating chart, everyone was up and about anyway chatting to each other.
-The timeline of the night. We had such a good DJ that kept us on track all night so we wouldn’t miss anything or run too long doing pictures, etc.
-Having everything perfect. It was as close to perfect as it could have been but there were a couple things that weren’t what we asked for. However, the only people who noticed was us. No one knows what should have been so let whatever happens, happen and it’ll be an amazing day!

(Overall, our wedding was very stressless and I had to really think about what stressed us out!)

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