Salida Steam Plant, Colorado Mountain Wedding| Derek + Hannah | Buena Vista Colorado Wedding Photos| Salida Colorado Photographer

Derek and Hannah Had their beautiful Wedding at The Salida Steam Plant . Here is their beautiful Love story!

We met in September 2017 via an online dating site. We texted back and forth for a few weeks, and given the chemistry that was already there decided to meet in person. Our first date was at Hapa Sushi in down town Denver, and we were both incredibly nervous for the date. However, once we got to our table, and had some sake the nerves melted away and we had a great time. After Hapa we decided to walk to Market street for some beers at Rolling Rock. On our journey, part of the sidewalk was closed leading us to walk near the street for less than half a block. Even thought it was a short distance, Derek managed to almost get hit by a car, and as he jumped out of the way, he wrapped his arms around me to make sure I was also out of the way, his face right next to mine, and he kissed me. I know you’ll have to edit the following part out, but it was some next level RomCom shit! …. anyway, we continued on to Rolling Rock, enjoyed some beers, and talked for at least 3 more hours. I left the date on cloud nine, and I am guessing Derek did too because we spoke the next day and set up another date. After our second date, we saw each other almost every day, and in later November we moved in together, took our first vacation together to Glenwood Springs, and then celebrated our first holiday season. I loved Derek’s sense of humor, his willingness to try new things and be spontaneous, and his kind heart and spirit, and Derek thought that I was funny, smart, and sweet.

By the summer of 2018, we both knew we had found our match. Derek and I would probably tell different stories about how we got engaged… but since I am writing this, we’ll go with my version. We were coming back from a road trip in July of 2018 and he basically said to me, “I am obsessed with you and I honestly can’t imagine what life would be like without you. I would absolutely spend my life with you” I told him how much I loved him, probably with some tears in my eyes, and it was on that car trip home that we decided to get married. We searched for a ring together at the end of that summer, but Derek wanted to surprise me with a true proposal. Well, life happens and all of the plans he had fell through and in January of 2019 on a trip to see his family, we decided that I would start wearing my ring (more accurately I decided haha). At this point we had already secured a date and venue for our September 2019 wedding, and I didn’t need a fancy proposal, I just wanted to marry Derek : ) I know he wanted us to have a fun engagement story to tell people, but I love the way it all fell together. I didn’t need a story, I just wanted to marry my favorite person.
Blue Bridal Boutique
Flowers by The Bouqs Co
Entertainment provided by DJ Maestro
Caterer – Kalamatapit Catering
Mensware – Men’s Warehouse

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