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I am so excited to share Bart and Fushia’s rad Halloween Wedding. I met bart because he is an amazing tattoo artist and I wanted a new tattoo. We started chatting and he mentioned to me that him and his fiancé where planning to get married on Halloween. Of course I was all on board. These two are just the sweetest most caring people I have met. The love and goofiness these two share is contagious. There was never a dull moment between them and their families. Here is their fun love story!

We first met our freshman year of college; Bart’s high school friend, Adam, lived in the same apartment building that my high school friend, Sarah, and I lived in and we all went to IUPUI together. Except for Bart, he went to Franklin College. To be perfectly honest, neither of us enjoyed the other’s company. However, Adam and Sarah hit it off right away!

Shortly after we all met, the school year was coming to an end. Sarah and I weren’t going to be living together in the same apartments any longer. She and Adam had started dating and they moved in together while I got an apartment on my own. Bart and I didn’t see much of each other after that and we both went on with our separate lives.

It wasn’t until about 5 years later, after we had graduated and started working, that we saw each other again. We had both ended up working in the same neighborhood of Indianapolis, called Fountain Square. I was bartending at a local watering hole, The Brass Ring Lounge, and he had walked in with some of his friends/coworkers from the tattoo shop down the street. We both took a double-take when we noticed each other and did the normal small talk, but nothing further came about until roughly a year later.

I had reunited with my old friend, Sarah, and she invited me to join her and Adam to a college football game down in Franklin. Guess who’s dad was the head coach for the team? You guessed it, folks! Bart and I hit it off during the game and he even fireman carried me across the parking lot back to the car. Pretty soon after that we all started hanging out a lot and wouldn’t you know it we decided that the other wasn’t so bad after all. A few dates and some persuasion on my part, since the man hadn’t ever had a true adult girlfriend before, and here we are now. We’ve lived and learned and then we got married 🙂
Venue: Chief Hosa

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