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Sparks Flew Halloween Night 2014

Gwen had taken a trip from Denver to Fort Collins for Cassie and Dustin’s Halloween party (this amazing couple would end up being Gwen and Craig’s neighbors years later). Craig knew Gwen was going to be in-town and insisted that she meet up with him at Hodi’s Half Note for live, Halloween-themed music. After a little resistance, but noticing her current party was winding down, she hailed a taxi and arrived.

Craig and Gwen danced, boogied over to an after party, and then decided to leave somewhere more familiar for the both of them. Jared’s. Jared is Craig’s older brother and Gwen’s longtime friend and again happened to be the person who introduced them to one another (also years later they would be come neighbors… yes we all live in the same neighborhood now if ya didn’t get that ;-).

Once they got there, they had a magical roman candle war in the field in front of Jared’s house.

Craig insisted they wear safety glasses and they headed out to the field. Gwen didn’t wait for Craig to light his roman candles and immediately pointed them in his direction. She wasn’t really aiming at him, but once Craig got his lit…he was definitely aiming for her! They screamed and ran around the field until they kept getting closer and closer to another. Winded from running around and with no more fireworks to light, Craig inched in closer to Gwen for their first kiss.

It was a surprising AND spellbinding first kiss. Great friends turned into lifelong best-friends and their lives would be changed forever.








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