Aaron + Monica | Winding River Ranch Wedding | Grand Lake Colorado Photographer

Monica and Aaron met on Valentine’s Day 2014 over a pink Cupid sugar cookie. They worked next door to each other but had never met until Aaron dropped by with Valentine’s cookies for everyone. Monica thought that he was handsome and sweet for bringing the cookies and Aaron thought she was pretty and had a quirky sense of humor. He asked her to go on a delivery with him that day and they drove around, talked, laughed and  shared a pizza together.This day led to many more deliveries, dates, pizza, laughs, and opportunities to learn about one another. Aaron learned that Monica’s favorite candies were Hi-Chews and Pomegranate Chocolate candies and would often surprise her with them. Monica learned of Aaron’s sweet tooth and would almost always have a baked good for him to try. It was a very delicious time in their lives.Three  short but amazing months later, Monica made the move to Silverthorne, CO for college. They talked everyday and soon after she left, they decided that they couldn’t stand to live so far away from one another. So, Aaron picked up his life, and moved to the mountains so they could be together.They have had ups and downs and challenges that young couples shouldn’t have to face, but their love has endured. On March 10, 2017, Aaron surprised Monica in front of their families and friends and asked her to be his wife. She was thrilled and of course, said yes!

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